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As all hirings are going remote. Equip yourself with a completely online mock interview experience. 💻

Learn the recruiters perspective

Learn from our experienced expert's who are most likely recruiting managers in big companies, their perspective on the best candidate suitable for the job.

Your candidature is seen through a real recruiters eyes and thus the feedback from these experts is authentic and actionable. 🔍

Invest in yourself

Take our affordable mock interviews. Understand how you performed from the detailed feedback.

Imagine a scenario, where you are jobless for 6 months as you dont have any feedback to act on and learn from, to improve your interview performance. Taking a mock interview from InterviewBuddy™ is at least 20x worth your investment. 🚀

Flex your interviewing skills

Our mock interview's give you the ability to beat your interview nerves and anxiety. We make sure you never ever walk into an interview unprepared.

Your future self will look back to the mock-interview decision as a watershed moment in your career. 💪

Practice Interview that's tailor-made for you

Our practice interviews are structured, customized to the smallest detail for you. We understand your profile and objectives completely to assign the Industry expert and the same is shared with the expert to make the mock interview completely tailored to you.

We simulate the pressure of a real interview for you without the pressure of a job on the line. 😇

Feedback that helps you grow

Get actionable feedback from the experts after finishing your mock interview, unlike a real interview where you are kept in dark of your performance thus losing the opportunity to improve yourselves.

The feedback is personally written based on your performance in the mock interview and is not derived from templates. 📋

Industry experts who go over and above

Our industry expert's are curated and handpicked by us through a carefully vetted process. Our industry experts have a median experience of 19+ years and are CXOs, VPs and top-level managers and engineers in some of the biggest companies in the world. 🦸‍♀️️

Get fast-tracked

Have a chance to get fast-tracked in your actual interview process. If the interviewer happens to be a recruiter for a company, you can be offered a job in his/her company based on your performance. 🏃‍♂️

Confidential and Anonymous

We take your privacy very seriously. We don't share the data of users with experts or vice-versa more than what is required for the interview. All the interviews are kept end-to-end confidential. 🥷

Interviewbuddy for Universities

Partner with us and help us be the extra helping hands in your student placement process. We provide bulk interviewing solutions to help your students in their placement process.

Partner with us and help us be a part of your students success. We provide bulk interviewing solutions to help your students in their placement process. 🏫

Interviewbuddy for business: Interviewbuddy pro

The complete on-demand interviewing infrastructure for your business.

InterviewBuddy™ is more than your typical interviewing platform. It is an end to end interviewing solution for all your business needs. Partner with us, get a white-labelled platform, and our extensive support to conduct interviews for your business needs. 🏢

Kickass Support

Our support team is just a click away.
We will be with you to guide you through your entire interviewing process. 👩‍💻

We come with tonnes of experience

We have a lot of experience organizing mock interviews. We organized over 40,000 interviews for candidates across the world covering over 100+ verticals and industries with vertical-specific industry experts on InterviewBuddy™.

Unlike a real interview where you are kept in dark of your performance losing the opportunity, with InterviewBuddy™ you get a unique interview preparation service that allows you to practice and perfect interview skills in a realistic environment. practice your technical, managerial, and behavioral skills across different verticals. Each mock interview has its own unique style and format so you can be prepared for anything. Boost your confidence and get your dream job! 🏅

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