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Our experts are our superstars! Our experts are carefully vetted and handpicked by us. Our experts believe in our vision and most of them volunteered to be a part of our journey. We are happy to be the bridge that connects our users with industry experts like CXOs, VPs, top-level managers, who otherwise would be very difficult to access. Get actionable feedback and learn interview hacks from the experts.

Our Experts

We are a group of industry experts who are passionate about the industry.
We are here to help you get the best out of your interview.

Subodh K

20+ years of experience, GM @Schneider Electric, ex-Honeywell

Shyam G

20+ years of experience, CFO @Botswana Meat Commission

Ranajoy B

16+ years of experience, Director, Data, Analytics & AI @Oracle, IIT Delhi alumni

Dr. Sekhar

20+ years of experience, Sr. Architect @Google, ex-Kony (Temenos)

Dr. Aastha

18+ years of experience, Clinical & Behavioral Psychologist

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