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Enable your students to get jobs by offering mock interviews from highly experienced industry professionals.

Train More Students

Boost your capacity to train a larger number of candidates. InterviewBuddy enables seamless scalability, allowing you to efficiently provide interview practice sessions to a greater volume of candidates.

In-depth Analysis

Unlock comprehensive insights into each candidate's interview performance. Gain a deeper understanding of your students' strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to tailor your training programs for maximum effectiveness.

Eliminate the Effort

Seamlessly connect your students with industry experts for online 1:1 practice interviews and let InterviewBuddy handle the logistics. Focus your energy on delivering high-quality training while we take care of the administrative tasks.

Increase in Placement

Drive higher placement rates for your students. Elevate your institution’s reputation as a provider of exceptional interview preparation resources, resulting in a significant increase in successful jobs.

Vetted Experts

Benefit from our extensive network of experts representing various industries, guaranteeing the highest quality of interview practice, real-world perspectives and valuable insights for your students.

Playback and Review

InterviewBuddy allows you to revisit the practice interviews, providing you with the opportunity to reflect on the performance and identify areas for improvement empowering you to enhance progressively.

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