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Most affordable way on the internet to practice interviewing for your dream job

Practice unlimited mock interviews online for any job profile. Replicate real job interview experience by answering questions for your job profile, record, analyze and get awesome at interviewing.

Master your interview skills with ease

Our system-driven asynchronous mock interviews allow you to practice and improve your interview skills at your own pace and schedule, without the stress of a real-time interview. 🏅

Unlimited practice in any industry

Whether you're preparing for a job interview in tech, finance, healthcare or any other industry, our platform offers unlimited practice opportunities in a wide range of industries/job functions. 🏋

Personalized Feedback and Analysis to Help You Improve

InterviewBuddy provides you with the unique opportunity to review your recorded responses, analyze your performance, and additionally receive a detailed feedback report from one of our expert interview coaches for an additional price. 📝

MockSupe is the hero we all deserve!

You are not alone in your journey of acing an interview.
MockSupe, your personal smart interview assistant is with you always. MockSupe is conceptualized as an affordable alternative to our one-on-one live interviews and a way to evaluate yourself.

How does it work?

InterviewBuddy helps students and job seekers crack interviews & land their dream jobs!

Step 1
Fill out the form

Answer a few questions about your vertical and experience for MockSupe to learn more about you.

Step 2

Pay only $1 and schedule your mock interview. You will receive the system-driven mock interview invite via email within 36 hours of payment.

Step 3
Give your mock interview

MockSupe, your smart assistant will pick the right questions based on your vertical and experience. You get unlimited attempts to record your responses

Step 4
Constructive Feedback

Get access to your interview recording, So you can assess where you can improve. Also, you can get your responses reviewed by experts with tips to improve upon weaker areas. (Charged additionally*)


Ridiculously simple

The simplest way to take mock interviews is just to answer a few questions and you are set to go!


No downloads or account creation is required. All the interview experience in your browser itself.

Unlimited attempts

Have unlimited access to the platform. Practice interviewing with unlimited attempts per question to put your best out there.

Live the interview

It's the real deal. We recreate a real interview experience by automatically recording your interview to make you feel the pressure.

Comprehensive feedback

Get elaborately detailed feedback from our highly accomplished industry professionals in your vertical.

Grow your interview muscles

Interviewing is a skill that gets better with practice. With unlimited attempts, get super at interviewing.

Crack the interview-nut

We recreate the real interview experience for you to learn and get hired faster.

Practice only relevant questions

MockSupe makes sure that you are only presented with questions that are dead-on/ downright relevant to your profile.

Score your dream job

We make sure you have real interview experience so that you stay ahead of the competition and score your dream job.

For Upskilling
Agencies, Educators, Universities & Corporates

Create your own mock interviews

Add your own questions and create mock interviews for your users that can be taken anytime from anywhere. No meetups, plugins or downloads are required.

Zero account signups/account creation required

Easily invite your users for the mock interview with just a link, grab your hot cocoa, sit back and wait as your user responses start pouring in.

Save Time

No more elaborate planning, last-minute changes, and ghosting. Your users can take the interview at their preferred time just using the link.


We give you white-labelled software that can be used to create your own questions with your own branding, logo to enhance the candidate experience.

Feedback ecosystem

Send feedback to your users easily from the dashboard itself or take the help of our industry experts to provide feedback to your users.

Unlimited Practice

Review and ask your users to take the interview again. Unlimited attempts for your users.

OTT Services

Get feedback review by our industry experts for your users and a white-labelled self-service platform with your own branding to enhance your user experience.

Boost Learner Confidence

With detailed analytics and expert feedback, learners can improve their interview skills and boost their confidence, leading to a more successful job prospects and career success.

Efficiently Train More Learners in Less Time

Allow learners to practice & improve their interview skills without requiring direct supervision. Saves you time & effort in training all your learners, while still providing them with valuable interview practice.

Who is this for?

System-driven async interviews are led by our smart assistant, MockSupe, based on your profile and the job you are applying for. If you have a time-crunch before your actual interview or just want to practice interview questions, take an async interview. You have unlimited attempts. You can choose to get feedback review from our experienced industry experts (Charged additionally). It's always advisable to take a live mock interview ahead of your job interview. Live mock interviews are led by our accomplished industry experts and come with a detailed feedback report.

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