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Meet our Rockstars

Jaya Surya Putti

SDE Interview

India   /   10 Jun, 2024

Anand Theertha Nakhate

F1 Visa Mock Interview

India   /   09 Jun, 2024

Pulkit Kathuria

Analog/RFIC Design Interview

India   /   08 Jun, 2024

Seshadri Naidu Vangapandu

Practice Interview For Federal Bank

India   /   06 Jun, 2024

Battu Dilip Reddy

Admission For BBA In International School Of Management And Excellence

India   /   04 Jun, 2024

Dharshan Manoharan

F1 Visa Mock Interview

India   /   03 Jun, 2024

Koyi Teja Naga Mani Satya Sai

Practice Interview For Federal Bank

India   /   01 Jun, 2024

Atena Goudarzi

Program Administrator

United States   /   28 May, 2024


QA Automation Testing

United States   /   26 May, 2024

Ghaith Alomari

Python Developer

United States   /   22 May, 2024


Marketing Specialist, Business Developer

Austria   /   20 May, 2024

Shreyas Maitreya

Power Electronics, Control System, Embedded Systems, Battery Management Systems

United States   /   17 May, 2024

Eric Seydl

Software Development Engineer Interview

United States   /   10 Apr, 2024

Sai Chandra

ServiceNow Developer/Architect

United States   /   10 Apr, 2024

Vafa Osmanova

Salesforce Interview

United States   /   31 Mar, 2024

Ravindra Kumar Vantaram

React And .Net

United States   /   02 Apr, 2024

David Colonia

Software Development Engineer Interview

United States   /   27 Mar, 2024

Vaibhavi Gaikwad

Java Full Stack Developer

India   /   21 Mar, 2024


Full Stack Developer

India   /   24 Mar, 2024

Sachin Shankar Bodare

Full Stack Developer

India   /   20 Mar, 2024


Full Stack Developer

India   /   10 Mar, 2024

Kallista Katrina RockneSemkow

Executive Assistant

India   /   10 Mar, 2024

Priya Deshpande

Behavioural Interview For Operations

India   /   09 Mar, 2024

Aman Kesharwani

Full Stack Developer

India   /   08 Mar, 2024

Tejal Bokad

Full Stack Developer

India   /   08 Mar, 2024

Renuka Kale

Full Stack Developer

India   /   06 Mar, 2024


Technical Pracitce Interview For TCS Company

India   /   06 Mar, 2024

Sai Pradeep Kothapalli

Practice Interview For TCS Company

India   /   05 Mar, 2024

Rachana Zumakzod

Full Stack Developer

India   /   03 Mar, 2024

Jos Lujan Alumni

Software Development Engineer In Test, Yoll

United States   /   14 Feb, 2024

Kumara Sai Reddy

Technical Interview, Gitam Vizag

India   /   07 Feb, 2024

Sirivuri Varma

Technical Interview, TCS Company

India   /   05 Feb, 2024

Surathu Naveen

Technical Mock Interviews For Tiger Analytics

India   /   25 Jan, 2024

Alekhya Chitturi

F1 Visa Mock Interview

India   /   20 Jan, 2024

Diana Shaar

Sales Development Interview, TAP Careers

Switzerland   /   17 Jan, 2024

Sawsan Almasri

Data Structures And Algorithms, TAP Careers

Netherlands   /   20 Jan, 2024


F1 Visa Mock Interview

India   /   20 Jan, 2024

Rosemary McCall

Human Resource Practice Interview

United States   /   09 Jan, 2024

Maghesh Babu

Finance Interview

India   /   07 Jan, 2024

Md Ariful Islam

Software Development Engineer, Yoll

United States   /   03 Mar, 2023

Sai Praveen

Technical Interview From Gitam

India   /   19 Sep, 2019

Sivani Karukonda

Technical Interview From Gitam

India   /   17 Sep, 2019

Mahammad Jabiyev

Software Development Engineer From Yoll

United States   /   09 Sep, 2021

Alva Rushitha

Hitachi - GITAM, CSE

India   /   16 Oct, 2022


GITAM - BCA, Prep For Sutherland

India   /   14 Jan, 2022

Aytakin Mammadova

Software Development Engineer From Yoll

United States   /   13 Feb, 2022

Sai Vineeth

Hero Vired- ML Data Engineering In Finance Domain Prep

India   /   22 Mar, 2022

Erin Weldon

Communications Associate Mock Interview, Ex- Dpty Press Secretary, US Senate

United States   /   04 Nov, 2021

Avinash Bandam

F1 Visa

India   /   26 Oct, 2021

Petro Lototskyi

Software Development Engineer From Yoll

United States   /   28 Aug, 2022



India   /   15 Apr, 2020



United States   /   30 Mar, 2020


Technical Interview From Gitam

India   /   09 Mar, 2020


Information Technology Interview From Gitam

India   /   09 Mar, 2020

Harika Talla

Technical Interview From Gitam

India   /   17 Mar, 2018

Kartheek Goura

HR Interview From Gitam

India   /   29 Sep, 2019

Satyanarayana Motukur

Technical Interview From Gitam

India   /   18 Sep, 2019


For Mock Interviews
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How to test your video before attending the actual mock interview?

Click on 'Test My Setup' in your left navigation panel to test your setup.

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You can cancel an interview free of cost at any point more than 48 hours before the start of your scheduled interview.

Will I be interviewed by the same Expert every time?

Our system is designed to assign you the next expert interviewer available immediately. All our experts are vetted, trained, and highly experienced so there's no variation in the quality of the interview.

How ahead should I schedule a mock interview?

We suggest at least 48 hours ahead. This gives us the time to find the right expert according to your requirements. This means you have to wait at least 48 hours from the time you book the interview to the mock interview. So if you're scheduling a mock interview at 18:30 hours on a Thursday, the latest you can request it is 18:29 hours on Tuesday.

Which device should I use to attend my mock interview?

We encourage users to use a desktop or a laptop that helps them be seated comfortably and concentrate on the interview. For the best experience, use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers.

What are On-Demand Interviews?

Our On-Demand scheduling offers VIP access, enabling you to book an interview within the next 4 to 48 hours. If we can't meet your interview request within 48 hours, we'll refund the On-Demand charges and arrange the interview at your next preferred time. Rest assured, we excel in what we do, and our representative will contact you for support in such situations.

For Specialized Interviews
Who are these Specialized Interviews for?

The Specialized Interviews are for people who have more than 15 years of working experience and are looking to get into higher job roles & industries. Click Specialized Interview to book one.

What type of domains are covered under Specialized Interviews?

We cater to almost every domain across the board.

How much does a Specialized Interview cost?

Since the Specialized Interviews are highly domain-specific and niche-based, they cost anywhere between ₹4,199 to ₹9,999.

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We would love to have you. Please fill out the interest form and we will get back to you with the next steps.

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InterviewBuddy is the complete end-to-end on-demand interviewing infrastructure for your business. Partner with us and get a white-labelled video interviewing platform, and our extensive support to conduct screening interviews for your business needs. Connect with us at [email protected] to discuss this further.

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What is InterviewBuddy for Universities?

Partner with us and help us be the extra helping hand in your student's placement process. We provide bulk interviewing solutions to help your students in their placement process. Connect with us at [email protected] to discuss this further.