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Jun 01, 2023 6 Minutes Read

From a Tier-2 college to one of the most prestigious universities in America.

An F-1 visa Interview is the ticket to fulfilling the American dream for thousands of Indian students every year. The Visa gives us students a shot at learning from the best Institutes in the world, from some of the best professors and thereby improving our economic conditions with a good job. If you already got admitted to a university, congratulations, but that’s just half-job done. One last hiccup is the F-1 visa interview. Many students get rejected during their F-1 interviews the first time and it’s expensive to be paying all over again for another interview.

We, at InterviewBuddy, have hosted thousands of F-1 visa Interviews for the last three years. We consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of the success stories of thousands of students. Our differentiation lies in the fact that we don’t generalize the mock interviews for everyone, but we understand the student and his personality well to tailor-make the F-1 visa Interview for him. All our mock interviews are unique and tailor-fit to the student.


The dream of a young student from India.

I always aspired to be part of a world-class institution and to learn from the best. I always worked towards this in UG, worked on things that would help me in my college admission. I finally got an admit to North Carolina University but then I realized it was only half battle won and the F1 Visa Interview was left. I stand to lose my admission if I didn’t pass the F-1 visa Interview and may even be permanently banned to apply in the future falls. There were only nine days left and I was frantically looking to find a solution that would help me in my preparation.

Sathwik Tamwada

Sathwik Tamwada is a freshly minted graduate who finished his graduation in computer science from a Tier-2 institute in the coastal town of Visakhapatnam, India. Sathwik Tamvada, like all enterprising youth in India, always had big dreams to study in one of the best institutes in the world. So, he set his sights on North Carolina University for his master’s and thereby, the US of A. Owing to his academic achievements and projects, he finally got an admit to North Carolina, his dream University. The problem was his admission was confirmed towards the flag end of the application season and there was only one week left for the F-1 visa Interview. He didn’t fully understand the rules and what’s expected of a student appearing for an F-1 visa Interview. He started reading online about F-1 visa interviews and that made him more confused and nervous, without a clue on how to face the F-1 visa interview.


The equipping of the right knowledge and tools.

When I started preparing for the F-1 visa interview, I was nervous and full of anxiety. The more I read online about F-1 interviews, the more I got confused as the information available is often contradictory and contrived in many cases. Just a week before the interview, I came to know of InterviewBuddy and it literally changed my life/ is a life-saver.

Sathwik Tamwada

Sathwik happened upon an ad for InterviewBuddy F-1 mock interviews/ heard of InterviewBuddy F-1 mock interviews from a friend. Sathwik came to us fully confused and unsure of himself if he can face the F-1 visa Interview. We spoke to him, understood his academic experience, his achievements, the reason for choosing the college and set up an F-1 mock interview with an expert, who has experience of 20+ years taking F-1 Visa Interviews. The expert has given a detailed feedback report on how Sathwik performed. The expert spotted his mistakes, gave the tips and made him understand that F-1 visa officers look for reasons to eliminate students and on the kind of persona that doesn’t generally make the cut.

Sathwik finally understood that F-1 officers reject students who are:

  • Looking to earn through part-time or internships in the US of A.
  • Looking for job opportunities post-finishing education in the US of A.
  • Looking to settle in the US of A post-finishing education.
  • Economically not sound to pay for education.


The unlearning and the learning.

The platform was very easy to use and InterviewBuddy had all the infrastructure in place to conduct a full-blown virtual event. The learning curve to use the platform is next to non-existent and was pretty seamless. There’s no downloadable content required and the mock interview was conducted in the browser itself. The InterviewBuddy team was always with me at every stage and helped me throughout on the preparation for the mock interview. He helped me realize all my mistakes and gave a detailed report based on the mock interview which is full of insights.

Sathwik Tamwada

Sathwik took stock of all his mistakes from the suggestions given by the expert, corrected them, and took another mock interview. After the second interview, he was fully confident, so sure of himself, and was raring to take the F-1 visa Interview now.


The start of the realization of a dream.

I felt very confident more than any other day walking into the actual F-1 visa interview. I read the analysis again, jotted down where I’m likely to make mistakes. I felt like my family, friends and the team at InterviewBuddy is cheering for me. With this newfound confidence, I walked into the interview and no prizes for guessing, I did really great. The folks at InterviewBuddy felt like it was their own success!

Sathwik Tamwada

Sathwik was very relaxed on the day of the interview, spoke with utter confidence and got his visa approved. This was the start of a new chapter in his life.


The realization of a dream.

Post my interview, many friends and juniors of mine started inquiring me about InterviewBuddy and F-1 visa preparation. I referred them to InterviewBuddy and each one of them had a wonderful experience. I work as a software engineer now and am very happy at how far I had come.

Sathwik Tamwada

Sathwik with his sheer perseverance graduated from North Carolina with flying colors. He is a software engineer now in LexisNexis earning a six-figure salary. He credits all his success to InterviewBuddy and we too are proud of him always and wish him success in his future endeavors.

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