How Efftronics hired 4000+ fresh grads across 110+ campuses in a record period?

Jun 01, 2023 2 Minutes Read

The company has got bad hires in the past few years of hiring!

Potential reasons are: The interviewers are the company’s own employees who are interviewing and the way they are interviewing is at fault, there is interview bias and the level of knowledge of the employees is substandard that they are not fit to interview. Yet, they did the interviews and the bad hires happened. This is a cycle that repeated for a few years.


White-labelled video interviewing platform along with our own expert interviewers for technical pre-screening and shortlisting of the candidates for the company.

Benefits for the company are improved brand image of the company through the use of the latest and breezy technology to conduct the interviews. White labelling which includes the company’s branding throughout the candidates’ scheduling and interviewing process helps in the stickiness of the company’s identity.

A new set of eyes for the interviewing process devoid of bias and clutter helps the employer get the right candidates each time.


The company has used us for its campus recruitment across 110+ campuses in India. Using InterviewBuddy Pro saved a lot of time and money for the company. Putting timesaving into perspective – eliminating the need for the company’s reps and recruiting teams to travel to different colleges and universities across the country. Moreover, the institutes are majorly located on the outskirts of the cities further adding to their time. Also, no employee fatigue and stress. Money put into perspective – saves the air and local travel expenses of the teams for the company.

Covered more institutes in less time.

Further, reduce in time and money as follows – collective decisions taken by the recruiting teams to shortlist the candidates to hire coupled with the video recordings and the customized company-specific interview scoring and feedback given by the expert interviewer panel of InterviewBuddy. This process proved speedy and effective saving the employees time spent on headbanging on whom to shortlist and hire thereby saving the company’s expense on the resource. The entire hiring process has been completed completely remotely in a record period of just two months.


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